This is what I do on a Saturday while my wife works…

I’m slightly convinced that I only made this time lapse video of my Saturday cleaning up chore just to prove to my wife that I actually do clean while she’s at work. Shhhh! Don’t tell her! ;)

Cleaning Up – Time Lapse from Scott Neumyer on Vimeo.

  • C. Lee McKenzie

    You are a man on a mission, Scott! Since you know how to use that Dyson vacuum, you’re officially invited to my house next week. I have my own Dyson, so just bring a dust cloth and we’re set. I’ll be writing, of course, while you tidy up. CU 9AM sharp.

  • Scott Neumyer

    Ha! But then… when do I get MY writing time? Hehehe

  • Bobbie Crawford-McCoy

    Wow! How much do you charge per hour for house cleaning, Scott? Whatever it is I’m sure it’s worth every penny. :-)

  • Shawn Lealos

    And if this is anything like my house, my son would have it all back to the way it was in 30 minutes flat.



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