Little Gyms, Fairs & Wiggle Bears

Yesterday was probably one of the most enjoyable days we’ve ever had as a family. It wasn’t big and extravagant or grandiose in any way, but it was, instead, one of those rare days where you do a few things together as a family and you just feel great about it. You know everyone’s had a great time and just generally feel the love all around.

We started the morning with The Wiggle Bear’s weekly trip to The Little Gym. It was really fun… for about thirty of the forty-five minutes. After that first half-hour, Wiggles was ready to go. It’s becoming the norm for her lately. It’s not that The Little Gym is boring or the teachers aren’t engaging the kids (In fact, Miss Megan is probably one of the best example of this type of teacher. She’s amazing.) but our daughter seems to have a pretty short attention span and when she’s ready to do her thing, she gets pretty adamant about it. She digs those heels in and gets very independent… just like her Mommy.

After The Little Gym, however, the real fun began as we headed over to the Middlesex County Fair for some games, grub, and farm animals. We go every year, but this is probably the first year that we took The Wiggle Bear that she was actually old enough to enjoy herself. She seemed to have a good time the last few years, but she was really too young to get into the games and food. This year, though, she was shot out of a cannon. Her little head whipped left and right checking out all the prizes, rides, and ice cream booths.

So we traipsed around the fair for a few hours, won a few prizes, and had some great eats (well, the wife mostly… she loves her fair food!). The big prizes this year appeared to be The Smurfs. Stuffed Papa Smurf and Smurfette were hanging from nearly every game. How we ended up getting home without one is beyond me. Especially since Denise is usually a ringer at fair and boardwalk games. We came home with a couple cool prizes for Wiggles, but couldn’t manage to snag a Smurf.

The day was so hot and humid that, by the time we headed back to the car, we were all sweaty and tired. The Wiggle Bear had her ice cream cone (most of it ended up all over her little face) and we headed home where we watched Rio before Denise headed out with her friends for dinner and I put Wiggles to bed.

See what I mean? We didn’t do anything crazy or all that adventurous or wild, but it was a really fun day. I felt close to my two favorite girls and felt like they’d had just as good of a time as I had. It’s a day I’ll remember for quite a while. Check out some more of my pictures of the day below. If you want to see more, you can always find them on Facebook or